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Propolis Tincture & Extract

Bee Propolis is a powerful natural substance with immune-boosting properties that can provide nutritional support and deep defense. Integrating Propolis Tincture into your daily routine can help support healthy bodily function. Propolis is derived from tree buds and is a vital element that honeybees use to maintain their hive, which is considered one of nature's best-engineered environments. Take advantage of our July offer and get 25% off our easy-to-use Tinctures and Extract for a daily dose of Propolis.

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What We Do

Beehive Botanicals is a socially responsible, cruelty free and environmentally friendly manufacturer in Hayward, Wisconsin and is a leader in the natural products industry. We have been dedicated to purity, integrity and quality since 1972. People are choosing nature base bee products, and for a good reason, to support the world as a whole, but also to build healthy bodies the way nature intended.


    We are committed to giving our customers the highest quality product possible. We do stringent quality control and have independent third-party laboratories test our products for identity, strength and composition.


    Our quality control facility and processes adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The facility undergoes vigorous audits encompassing every aspect of the manufacturing process.


    NSF independently registers manufacturers that meet GMP requirements. Manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to public health for dietary supplements, ingredients and distribution.

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