About Us

Beehive Botanicals

About: Beehive Botanicals hails its NSF certification as a standards benchmark in quality control and consistency in the products we manufacture. To maintain certification, Beehive Botanicals is inspected bi-annually to ensure the results of our manufacturing process are of the highest quality and safe for consumers.

Maintaining NSF certification is something we pride as a company and has become ingrained in our business philosophy.

Since the very early days, we have maintained a true commitment to social responsibility. Our company gives annually to deserving local and nationwide organizations and has for many years dedicated significant portions of our profits to those in need. Beehive Botanicals regularly contributes to food shelters in our economically-depressed area and supports our local school district with fundraising initiatives and donations to worthy district programs. Our company also pledges its time and resources to support our local humane society and its needs in caring for and sheltering animals.

Nationally, Beehive Botanicals provides generous donations to Habitat for Humanity projects, being certain a part of our profits are earmarked each year for this organization.

And as part of the philosophy of Beehive Botanicals’ ownership, all of our contributions are given with little to no public awareness. No press releases, no photos – just quiet charity.

Beehive Botanicals is:

  • Dedicated to Purity, Integrity and Quality since 1972
  • The largest dealer of bee propolis in North America
  • A member of the American Apitherapy Association
  • A member of the American Herbal Products Association

To learn more about our manufacturing process, please visit www.beehivebotanicals.net