Potency and Purity of Health Supplements, What You Need to Know About Testing

Potency and Purity of Health Supplements, What You Need to Know About Testing

Not all health supplements are the same; what you need to know about testing for potency and purity.

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HAYWARD, Wisc. Jan. 18, 2023 – Beehive Botanicals, Inc. (beehivebotanicals.com)

The use of natural food supplements to improve health is as old as the Neanderthal. In fact, research scientists believe Neanderthals gained the knowledge and ability to use herbal medicines and medicinal plants through trial and error. This knowledge base of ancient herbal remedies was passed down generation after generation and honed and in some cases “westernized” into what we would currently call modern day medical practices. Natural remedies and traditional herbal medicines have been especially prized in Asian cultures.

Establishing potency and purity of herbal remedies and nutraceuticals has however at times proven to be elusive and sometimes even purposefully obscured. The term “snake oil salesman” was popularized in the 1700’s and was used to describe someone who sold and/or promoted some valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution. The term comes from the “snake oil” product that was marketed and sold as a cure-all elixir for many kinds of physiological problems. Snake oil, extracted from Chinese water snakes, had its origins in Chinese traditional medicine and probably did have some specific medical benefits. However, it was not something that could be easily replicated or sourced in the US and Europe and mostly ended up as a fake cure-all elixir that had no medical benefit and in many cases was nothing more than mineral oil.

Over the decades since, scientists and doctors have made numerous medical discoveries and break-throughs that have led to some of our most effective plant-derived pharmaceuticals to treat a whole host of diseases and health ailments. Many of these drugs are now lab synthesized pharmaceuticals that are chemically refined derivatives from natural compounds that were first discovered in plants.

Public demand for improvements in drug safety led to the implementation of governmental based regulations on safety, potency and purity, like those established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). More recently other standards and labeling entities were established like cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) and NSF International for the production of supplements, nutraceuticals, botanicals, and health food supplements, and labeling via cRc Kosher and certified Organic. A similar path of standards and regulations has occurred around the idea of “organically grown” and “organically certified” food and food-based supplements. The bee related products that Beehive Botanicals manufactures and sells to the public, for example, are generally considered botanicals and/or health food supplements.

So when shopping for safe and effective botanicals and health-food supplements that adhere to purity and potency standards it is very important to understand the labeling that is applied to those products. Otherwise you may be paying hard-earned dollars for nothing more than “snake oil” or mineral oil.

So how do you know you are not just getting “snake oil” or something even more dangerous? The best way to know is to look for the trusted labels and certifications like cGMP or cRc Kosher and NSF on all your supplement products and the companies that manufacture these products. If it doesn’t have one of these labels, walk away. Another way to know is to find out more about the manufacturer and the certifications that the manufacturer holds.

Since1972, Beehive Botanicals has been dedicated to giving their customers safe and effective products. They are the largest producer of bee propolis in North America and are one of the few US based manufacturers that hold Kosher, Organic, and NSF cGMP certifications. They also comply with the slightly different Canadian regulations. Beehive Botanicals maintains the coveted NSF certification and views it as a standard benchmark in quality control and consistency in the products they manufacture.

Good health is one of your most valuable assets, and maintaining and protecting one’s health can’t be done in a vacuum. That is why good product labeling and manufacturing practices are essential and why looking to the stringent NSF manufacturing certification or cRc Kosher product labeling can help you assess health supplements and botanicals tested for harmful contaminants and of top quality and potency.

What is an NSF facility / FDA registered facility and why is this important?

NSF International is a third-party testing and validation foundation that has been in operation since 1944. The foundation has grown in its popularity among consumers and manufacturers because of its strict measures and dedication to improving global human health. The standards established by the NSF help to protect food, water, consumer products, and the environment through testing, auditing, and certifying products and systems.

The NSF independently certifies manufacturers that meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. NSF certified manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to public health for dietary supplements, ingredients and distribution. To be NSF certified, the facility must undergo a multiple step inspection process and series of checks and balances aimed at reducing the risk of contamination by ensuring food-grade equipment and ingredients are handled in the proper environment using the proper safety equipment.

The NSF certification and cRc Kosher certification represents consumer protection and builds consumer trust. Unregistered and unregulated supplement brands looking to cut corners and costs are becoming more deceptive in a bid to increase market share without the added costs of testing and certification, and can use increasingly dangerous ingredients, sometimes from unaccountable foreign sources. It is important for consumers to trust the products they are purchasing and this trust can be created through partnerships with quality contract manufacturers and retailers like Beehive Botanicals.

The CDC estimates that over 48 million people contract food-borne illnesses annually. Up to 128,000 of those require medical attention in a hospital and around 3,000 people die from such complications. Poorly maintained equipment and sanitation within a facility, or inadequately sourced ingredients is mainly to blame for the cross-contamination that has endangered the lives of millions.

The Takeaway.

The best way to mitigate any safety concerns and ensure that the listed potency of supplements are believable to the consumer is through good labeling and certification processes. These are key to the consumer both to know that the supplement will produce the desired health benefits and that the consumer knows the supplement will be safe. The cRc Kosher and NSF marks symbolizes truth and transparency in the claims made for products and the assurance that the product was manufactured in a safe and sanitary manner.

Beehive Botanicals nutritional supplements are produced in an NSF-certified facility. For more information about the natural products like bee propolis that

Beehive Botanicals retails you can contact Beehive Botanicals via their website at beehivebotanicals.com [https://www.beehivebotanicals.com] or call directly at 800-233-4483. For information about Beehive Botanicals manufacturing services please visit their website at beehivebotanicals.net or call directly at 800-233-4483.

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